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"Amelia was such a delight to work with.  My husband and I had decided we wanted to do a surprise silly first dance at our wedding long before we were even engaged.  A few months before the wedding, we told Amelia what we were looking for and mentioned a few songs we had in mind and she choreographed and taught us the whole thing.  My husband and I have absolutely no dancing talent, but Amelia was so patient teaching us the moves.  She was also great about reworking some stuff when we came up with more ideas.  What's more, my husband broke his foot exactly a month before the wedding and we called the dance off, but when we decided to do it anyway the week of the wedding, Amelia squeezed us in for a final rehearsal.  Everyone loved the first dance and it really set a fun tone for the entire night.  Thanks, Amelia!!!!"


                                                                      -Dr. and Mrs. S


"I hired Amelia to help me come up with a song and dance for an engagement party. I was nervous at first, as I always am starting something new, but she really put me at ease!  Okay first of all, Amelia is VERY VERY nice.  I actually don't think I have met anyone nicer hahaha.  She is professional, fun, affordable, willing to collaborate, and works well with people who have NO EXPERIENCE.  That was important to me.  I can dance but I cannot sing or write songs at all haha!  She teaches voice lessons, too so she knows her stuff.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"



                                                                          -Kitty B. 



"Amelia did a FANTASTIC job choreographing and teaching us our first dance.  Immediately, when you talk with Amelia she makes you feel comfortable and really listens to what you are looking for in your dance.  My husband and I met with her before we selected her as a choreographer and she is just the perfect, cute bundle of energy and happiness.  She talked to us about what we wanted in our first dance, the song, type, etc and really listened and she also made sure to understand our dancing ability (which for my husband was none).  Her package includes 4 classes, which is actually perfect - but you do have to practice yourself in between classes, that is very important.  The classes were fun and easy and she was good to help teach you and critique you.  After our 2nd class, we actually changed the music a bit and asked to change some steps here and there because we didn't like them or felt awkward.  Amelia was super flexible and was able to accommodate all of our feedback and help us with what we wanted to do to make our first dance ours.  She even drove to our venue for our last class so we could practice in the space and gave us pointers on making everything look good and spacing and alignment.  We learned how to do so many things from spins to dips and even a lift! On the day of our wedding, our first dance was my husband and I's favorite part of the entire day and it would not have been possible without Amelia.  Our guests were incredibly impressed and thought we must have been trained or taken way more classes than we did and everyone just loved it!!  I highly highly recommend Amelia!!"


- Anita R and Matt L



"When I think about my "Greatest Wedding Memories", my mind immediately goes to those moments that were spent sharing the love I have for my wife with all of my family and friends.  You see, my wife LOVES music.  I was incredibly nervous about the whole idea when I approached Amelia about it.  I went over with the lyrics I had written in our first meeting, and by just our second meeting I was shocked and picking my jaw up off the floor.  The arrangement Amelia had created was breathtaking.  The tenderness of its tones.  The swelling of its soft melodic choruses.  The naked beautiful honesty of its love.  As the music played and the tears came down my cheeks, and a few weeks later so joyously from the eyes of my wife and so many others in attendance, I just happy I was, how special and loved my wife felt, and how Amelia helped make it possible.  Thank you, Amelia!"


                                                                         -Mr. and Mrs. Martinez


"Getting married is one of the scariest and exciting events in our lives - but luckily Amelia is there to calm your nerves and make your special day memorable in all the right ways! I hired Amelia through mutual friends for my mom in preparation for her second wedding. (I'm writing this review because my mother doesn't even know what Yelp is.. LOL!) Amelia was such a joy to work with. My mom is older and was nervous about learning a dance that she would be able to perform, but Amelia's patience and genuine kindness calmed her down immediately. She can cater to all bride and groom types, whether they have disabilities or need adjustments based on age or have never danced before in their lives! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to add that special touch to their wedding day - my mom, step-dad, and I can't thank her enough!!!!!"


                                                                             -Amanda Carrozza

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